Rock star violinist Hahn-Bin lands in London

18 July 2012, 17:31 | Updated: 6 June 2014, 17:37

Unusual violinist Hahn-Bin is preparing to mesmerise classical audiences once again, performing music from his new pop melee album, 'Till Dawn Sunday'.

Provocative performer Hahn-Bin, who was the first classical artist to be featured on the cover of British fashion bible i-D Magazine, will play music by Saint-Saëns, Sarasate and Khachaturian, as well film music from Schindler ’s List, The Wizard of Oz, and Young Frankenstein at London's Soho Theatre this week. This is his first concert residency since he performed his Soliloquy for Andy Warhol at The Museum of Modern Art in 2011.

The violinist describes himself as a pop artist whose songs have been composed by people ‘a bit older than the ones on the radio.’ He may play classical music, but he’s also recently worked with Madonna on her MDNA album, and Scissor Sisters on Magic Hour.

Hahn-Bin said he had an obsession with moments in great films where the soundtrack revealed truths about the characters, and where the music speaks in favour of spoken text. This idea formed the basis for his new album, which weaves together works from more than 20 composers from different eras.

“In a way I feel as though I have always been a living cinema, with the violin as my soundtrack,” he said. “This time around, with Till Dawn Sunday there are no secrets left untold.”

Till Dawn Sunday plays at the Soho Theatre until 22 July. The next leg of the tour takes Hahn-Bin to America, where he will play in Washington D.C. on 11 September.