Hahn-Bin changes name to Amadeus Leopold

28 August 2012, 11:17 | Updated: 15 May 2014, 12:31

Violinist and performance artist Hahn-Bin has changed his name to Amadeus Leopold for his American citizenship to reflect Mozart's influence on music.

A self-proclaimed pop artist working in a classical medium, the violinist known as Hahn-Bin has officially changed his name to Amadeus Leopold. His American citizenship will reflect the new name, while his Korean given name will remain Hahn-Bin.

The Twitter account for Hahn-Bin has been suspended, and urges visitors to use a new one under his new name. The new profile describes him as "the artist formerly known as hahn-bin".

Explaining the decision, Leopold claims it carries "spiritual significance." Taking the first half from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and the second from Mozart's father Leopold (as well as Hungarian violin virtuoso Leopold Auer), the artist has looked to what he calls a classical era of music for inspiration.

"My role in this world is to embody the renaissance of classical music itself," he commented. "I wanted to make that message clear to the world." Leopold announced during a concert at the Latitude Festival earlier this year that "Hahn-Bin is dead," and revealed his new name, but this is the first official confirmation.

Known for his unique visual aesthetic and his challenging fusions of pop and classical music, Leopold will spend the rest of this year playing concerts in America, Australia and New Zealand.