Blake sign US deal

Blake have signed a deal to release their latest album in the USA, they have revealed exclusively to

The Blake boys will soon be off to the US to give their third album, Together, its American release. Simultaneously they will also undertake tours of the USA and Canada.

Blake launched Together in the UK last November, on their own label, Blake Records. It has since been released in Japan and went to number one in the Classical Charts in Australia and South Africa.

Tenor Humphrey Berney told "We’re busy boys… we’re an independent record label now – Blake Records – it’s like our little baby. It’s nice that we’re being received so well not only in the UK but across the globe as well."

Blake are also about to embark on a 26-date tour of the UK, An Evening with Blake. The concerts will provide an unusual opportunity to see Blake perform intimate arrangements of core classical and classical crossover works for four voices, piano and string quartet.

Ever aware of the importance of social media and keen to involve local people, Blake have asked school choirs to submit recordings via YouTube, for the opportunity to perform live alongside the boy band during the tour. The initiative, called Sing Up with Blake, will see local choirs at all 26 venues of the tour perform Hallelujah, Jerusalem and Nessun Dorma with the boys.

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