Thomas Newman


Thomas Newman

Thomas Newman (1955-present) is an American composer and conductor, best known for his many film scores.

Life and Music

  • Thomas Newman has composed soundtracks for more than 50 films, for which he has received a total of 10 Academy Award nominations, though he has not yet won the award.
  • Born in Los Angeles, Newman attended the University of Southern California for two years, before moving to Yale, where he gained a Master’s in Music.
  • Broadway legend Stephen Sondheim was deeply impressed with Newman’s originality and championed one of his earliest works, the music theatre piece Three Mean Fairy Tales.
  • In the first few years following his graduation, Newman played in several bands, including rock group The Innocents and improvisational group Tokyo 77.
  • Thomas Newman continues a movie music composition tradition begun by his father Alfred Newman and uncle Lionel Newman.
  • Newman’s breakthrough score was Desperately Seeking Susan, starring Madonna.
  • Most of Newman’s early scores were composed for synthesisers, but he gradually began to combine electronic and acoustic instruments.
  • As well as film music, Newman has composed music for television, including the series Boston Public and Six Feet Under.
  • He has also fulfilled diverse commissions, including writing a work for the Los Angeles Philharmonic and Kronos Quartet, which was premiered in December last year.

Did you know?

The singer-songwriter Randy Newman is Thomas Newman’s cousin.



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