Harry Christophers of The Sixteen votes in the Classic FM Hall of Fame

We've been talking to some of the world's finest musicians and ensembles to find out which piece they'll be voting for in this year's Hall of Fame. In this video we hear from Harry Christophers, conductor and founder of 'The Voices of Classic FM', The Sixteen.

Last year The Sixteen travelled the world, recorded another album and embarked on another of their famous choral pilgramage, this time celebrating the life and work of the renaissance composer Tomás Luis de Victoria. With another pilgramage planned in the coming months, 2012 is set to be another eventful year for the choir.

As a choir that predominantly perform early English choral works, it's no surprise perhaps that the Sixteen's founder and conductor Harry Christophers has gone for one of the most loved English composers in our Hall of Fame.

Find out which piece got Harry's vote in the video below, and click here to cast your own vote in the world's largest classical music poll.

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