Helping people who are experiencing domestic abuse

29 May 2020, 19:05

Helping people experiencing domestic abuse
Helping people experiencing domestic abuse. Picture: Global

Worryingly, cases of domestic abuse have been on the rise since the coronavirus lockdown. There are women and children who are in the terrifying situation of being trapped at home with their abusers.

Charities are seeing an alarming increase in calls to their helplines and an unprecedented demand for safe spaces for those affected. They need urgent funds in order to respond to women desperately needing help.

Classic FM’s charity Global’s Make Some Noise is working with charities that are on the frontline helping to protect the safety of women and children: charities like the Trafford Domestic Abuse Services (TDAS), which provides temporary refuge to women and children, and delivers support online and over the phone to those reaching out for help.

The lockdown will have exasperated already abusive relationships and caused new cases of domestic abuse. TDAS anticipates a huge influx in demand for their services post coronavirus from victims who have been unable to access support due to the additional restrictions of confinement in the home.

TDAS is already seeing a rise in victims coming forward to seek support. The charity is setting up a new 6-bed refuge to be able to offer more safe accommodation to victims fleeing abuse.

For those unable to flee, TDAS is working to keep them safe at home by providing second mobile phones to make calls discreetly, travel money, food supplies, and emergency funds for lock changes and window locks.

TDAS has also been training supermarket staff on how they can identify and help domestic abuse victims whose only opportunity to seek help may be during their weekly shop.

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