Austin Wintory's Journey wins two music awards at Games BAFTAs

6 March 2013, 11:26

Composer Austin Wintory's innovative score for adventure game Journey has been named winner in the Original Music and Audio Achievement categories at the Games BAFTAs.

The Games BAFTAs, which honour achievements and success in the video games world, have selected composer Austin Wintory's music for adventure game Journey as winner in the Original Music category, as well as a victory in the Audio Achievement category. The awards were presented at a glittering ceremony in London last night.

Wintory's score, which uses advanced techniques to make the music react to the player's in-game movements and actions, also shares its award with music team members Keith Leary and Monty Mudd.

The composer has previously described the score as "like a big cello concerto where you are the soloist and all the rest of the instruments represent the world around you," due to the solo role of the cello throughout the game's music.

Other big winners at the Games BAFTAs included broadcaster Danny Wallace, who won the award for Performer, and the development team behind The Walking Dead. Journey also won in the Design, Online Multiplayer and Artistic Achievement categories, scooping five BAFTAs in total.