Soule - The Elder Scrolls (soundtrack)

Video game composer Jeremy Soule took on the Elder Scrolls soundtracks with the third game, The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, in 2002.

He may be seen as John Williams of video game soundtracks by the gaming community, but composer Jeremy Soule actually takes his inspiration from quite a different style of music. Basing his work on Debussy's exploration of harmony, Wagner's grand operas, and Mozart's form and composition. It's clearly worked out well for him - he's currently written the soundtracks for more than 60 gaming titles, with some of his best-known work being The Elder Scrolls series.

The centrepiece of his work on Skyrim is undoubtedly the monumental 'Dragonborn', which features a 30-strong choir, but also features said choir singing in a specially conceived dragon language particular to the games themselves.