Roxanna Panufnik interviewed: world music, chant and faith

13 February 2013, 10:41 | Updated: 18 February 2013, 12:36

With the release of her new album, Love Abide, composer Roxanna Panufnik was taken with various religious inspirations, as she explains to Jamie Crick.

It's been an incredible ride for composer Roxanna Panufnik - from writing a concerto for violinist Daniel Hope that got turned into a prelude premiered in Jerusalem by Valery Gergiev, to her new album of religious works, Love Abide.

Jamie Crick talks to Panufnik about the inspirations behind Love Abide, which aims to bring together music from different faith traditions, and the way the music aims to unify listeners in one positive emotion.

Also, listen out for exciting news about Panufnik's new piece, which takes the same compositional idea as Britten's Young Person's Guide To The Orchestra, due later this year.