Young Welsh composer chosen for wedding

A young, little-known Welsh composer called Paul Mealor has been chosen by Prince William and Catherine Middleton to provide some of the music for their wedding.

Mealor’s work, Ubi caritas, was premiered last October at St Andrew’s University, where the young royal couple met. He also lives in Anglesey, where they will be living following the wedding, so he is a very appropriate choice.

The royal request came as a total surprise to Mealor, who says:
“I was thrilled to hear that HRH Prince William of Wales had chosen my music for his wedding . . . How humbling it is for me to know that Prince William and Catherine will celebrate the beginning of their lives together with my music . . . The ceremony is going to be, without a doubt, the most emotionally intense and exhilarating hour of my life!’’

Mealor has had to keep the news that his music will be performed a secret, even from his family. His mother will find out when they watch the ceremony on television at home together.

Mealor’s Ubi caritas will be released as part of The Official Recording of The Royal Wedding, out on Decca Records digitally on 29 April and in other formats on 4 May.

Classic FM spoke to Paul Mealor following the announcement. Listen below.