Tolga Kashif and Steve Hackett on The Genesis Suite

The Barbican Hall in London played host to the world premiere of The Genesis Suite on Monday (October 11). Classic FM caught up with conductor and composer Tolga Kashif and former Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett.

Having turned the work of rock band Queen into the ‘Queen Symphony’, Tolga Kashif’s next musical move has been to introduce the songs of Genesis to the classical world.

Backstage at the Barbican Hall in London, we met up with the conductor before he took to the stage with the London Symphony Orchestra. Joining Tolga for our conversation was former Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett.

The pair chatted about the challenges of translating Genesis songs to a classical idiom, the advantages of working with the LSO and the task of dealing with nerves ahead of a world premiere.


Hear the interview with Tolga and Steve now