Nigel Hess in Tim Lihoreau's Wednesday Web Chat

22 July 2013, 17:57

Composer for all manner of films, TV programmes and theatrical productions, Nigel Hess joins us at 9am on Wednesday 24 July for our weekly web chat.

Nigel Hess has just celebrated his birthday, and what better present could you ask for than spending the morning in the company of Tim Lihoreau and a host of Classic FM listeners? From writing music for Lang Lang to composing soundtracks for TV and film, Nigel Hess is no stranger to the diverse world of composition.

With voting for Classic FM's Movie Music Chart well underway, does he have any favourite film scores he'd like to recommend? Are there any of his soundtracks he feels are misunderstood or under-represented? He's tasked with creating the signature sound for a wide range of shows and films - does he ever feel the pressure?

Nigel Hess will be joining us from 9am on Wednesday morning, so post your questions in the comments below.

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