Prince Charles “moved” by Hawes’ Highgrove Suite

Patrick Hawes, our former composer-in-residence, tells Classic FM of the moment HRH The Prince Of Wales heard the Highgrove Suite first.

Patrick Hawes has told Classic FM that Prince Charles was visibly moved during the premiere of his Highgrove Suite. Commissioned by the Prince Of Wales, and inspired by the gardens of his Gloucestershire home Highgrove House, Hawes’ new four movement suite was warmly received at its premiere.

The touching moment, as well as the suite’s music, featured on the Alan Titchmarsh documentary, ‘Highgrove: Alan meets Prince Charles’ on September 23rd.

“[The documentary] follows the lead-up to the premiere of the Highgrove Suite”, Patrick told Classic FM. “Yes, I am interviewed and asked to talk about my inspiration. It has a shot of the Prince Of Wales being quite moved by the music he’s hearing… it was a wonderful and personal moment for me”.

Listen to our full interview with Patrick Hawes now.