Most shared Handel features

Handel ‘Oxford’ Water Music The Brook Street Band

Handel's watery delight

Handel Messiah Soloists Saint Michael’s Singers E

Does the world need another Handel's Messiah?

Album cover

A Morality Tale From Handel

Handel Trio Sonatas Sonnerie Hazelzet

Sonnerie and Hazelzet have dazzling skill

Album cover

Handel and Mozart in C Minor

Album cover

Handel Celebrates God

Album cover

The Pure Sound of Elin Manahan Thomas

German Arias; Music for the Royal Fireworks

Supreme soprano star of Handel disc

Handel Australian Brandenburg, Paul Dyer

Diving into Handel's world

Handel Duets

A heartfelt Handel

Album cover

Handel in Italy

Album cover

Handel's Agrippina Reconstructed

Handel Ezio

Handel and Gluck take on General Ezio

Handel Twelve Solo Sonatas, Op.1

Too much Handel to handle

Faramondo Handel

Handel's Faramondo stylishly executed

Giovanni Antonini Twelve Concerti Grossi, Op.6 Il

A rich recording of Handel's masterpiece

Streams of Pleasure

Handel's Streams of Pleasure Flow

Messiah Handel Glove Northern Sinfonia

Glover brings drama to Messiah