Tomb Raider composer Jason Graves interviewed

10 April 2013, 16:56 | Updated: 11 April 2013, 09:28

In this in-depth interview, the composer shares his thoughts on the career-defining moment he was asked to write the latest Tomb Raider soundtrack, creating a signature sound for Lara Croft's reboot, and the cinematic nature of video games.

Talking to Classic FM's Lucy Coward, Jason explained the symphonic and cinematic elements behind his music. It's not just short sections of music on a loop, each character has a theme weaved in to a ten minute overture - a section of music he wrote before embarking on the game music itself.

He's even fashioned his own instrument, including, among other things, bits of a chicken coop, to ensure the score has its own signature sound.

It seems his love of classical music and his appreciation for exciting cinematic plots come hand in hand in his latest soundtrack: "I've always loved listening to classical music and seeing a story in my head, even if I didn't understand what the specific symphony was detailing, or what the plot of the ballet was," he said. "But there's just something about music that always moved me a certain way."

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