Howard Goodall on premieres and performance nerves

25 April 2013, 21:52 | Updated: 30 April 2013, 09:57

Classic FM's composer in residence, Howard Goodall, explained the inspiration for his latest piece, More Tomorrows, inspired by Cancer Research UK.

Over the past few months, Howard Goodall has been gathering inspiration for his latest piece, More Tomorrows, based on the cancer survivors and scientists that he has met through Cancer Research UK.

"I was asked to write the piece by Classic FM", begins Howard. "It was for Cancer Research UK, to reflect the work that they do, the scientists and the researchers, so I went on a journey to meet these people, but also the survivors and their supporters as well. The piece is dedicated to those people who fight that fight and are doing so with ever more success".

With More Tomorrows being premiered at London's Royal Albert Hall during Classic FM Live, you won't be surprised to hear that a few nerves surround its unveiling.

"It's quite scary and exciting", said Howard. "You don't know what anyone's reaction is gong to be. Music's history is littered with quite a variable list of what happened at quite notable first premieres. The Enigma Variations is a famously disastrous one, but we've come to know and love that piece. You just never know how it's going to go down, people could love it or hate it.

Unlike many composers who have nothing to do when their piece is being performed and "stand there like a ball of nerves", Howard is grateful to be able to use his energy to conduct the Philharmonia Orchestra as they play his new work.

How did it go? Listen again to Jane Jones' special Classic FM Live-themed Full Works Concert here, and follow Howard's journey as he composes More Tomorrows here.