Ludovic Bource - the man behind the music for The Artist

Few films have attracted as much buzz and attention so far this year than The Artist. The film has garnered universal praise for its unique and affectionate tribute to the silent movie era, and we've been lucky enough to speak to the man responsible for the film's music - Ludovic Bource.

Directed by Michel Hazanavicius, The Artist stars Jean Dujardin as George Valentin, a silent movie star who finds himself being swept aside by Hollywood to make way for Peppy Miller, played by Bérénice Bejo as the silent movie industry comes under threat.

As well as being heaped with critical praise left, right and centre, The Artist has also earned itself a ton of award nominations including 12 Bafta nominations and 10 Oscar nominations, both of which include a nod for Ludovic Bource’s brilliant score in the Best Original Score category.

Music is always an important aspect in films, but no more so than in The Artist, a film with no dialogue whatsoever. Classic FM's Anne-Marie Minhall spoke to Ludovic to find out his main influences for the film, his memories of recording it and plans for a very special live performance.

Listen to our interview with Ludovic Bource here