Bedhall's Requiem in its original glory

Composer: Bednall
Repertoire: Requiem, et al. 
Artists: The Chamber Choir of St Mary’s, Calne, Philip Dukes (vla), David Bednall (org)/Whiting
Rating:  4.5/5
Genre: Vocal/Instrumental
Label: Regent REGCD 327

Highly reminiscent of Howells’s and Durufle’s requiems, with its musical evocations of heavenly light, Bednall's Requiem sounds captivatingly individual and contemporary. The use of a solo viola, played with beseeching warmth by Dukes, is particularly effective. While one has every right to be dubious of a school choir, the girls’ performances go far beyond the expected standard for a non-specialist music school. It’s beautiful singing, with lovely tone and technique particularly in the upper registers. The soloists are strong.