Tickets fly for Anna Nicole Smith Opera

Opera-goers, eager to experience the ROH’s new opera, Anna Nicole, are almost out of luck. Tickets for the production have all-but sold out as the clamour and controversy surrounding it has clearly fired the public’s imagination.

Based on the life of late Playboy model and reality TV star Anna Nicole Smith, the Royal Opera House enlisted the talents of composer Mark-Anthony Turnage, librettist Richard Thomas (Jerry Springer: The Opera) and conductor Antonio Pappano to produce one of the most talked-about productions in years.

Despite the rehearsals happening behind closed doors, reams of coverage has been generated on rumours that the opera will feature gratuitous scenes of drug-taking, sex and, ultimately, the demise of Smith.

The Royal Opera House have hit out at early criticism of the subject matter, with a spokesman saying “No-one should dispute Turnage's choice of subject. The gaudily uninhibited Anna Nicole belongs in opera.”

Influential classical blog Intermezzo also added, “it's testament to the curiosity and perennial optimism of the theatregoing public - and one in the eye for those who claim modern opera doesn't sell.”

Lucky enough to get a ticket? Wish you had one? See the ROH’s teaser below…