Opera sends children to sleep

100 children in fact, at the Royal Opera House’s first sleepover on March 22.

We’ve spotted a few people nodding off during the odd titanic opera production in the past, but positively encouraging people to nap was a new one on us. The Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, however, will be hoping that’s exactly what a 100 children aged 8-11 will be doing on March 22 as they host a sleepover.

The event is part of European Opera Days, an initiative which sees opera houses across Europe open their doors and invite the public to learn about the art of opera. The young visitors on March 22 will be given the chance to experience opera performed up close, take part in a few opera-related activities and take a look backstage before settling down to sleep in the Amphitheatre bar and restaurant… or run riot in the prop department at 4am.

To find out more about the sleepover, head to the Royal Opera House’s website.