Josh Groban's top five singers of all time

Which singers does Josh Groban like best? We got him to tell us the five artists that he admires the most, from classical to jazz and beyond.


"Sometimes people ask me what kind of voices I like, and obviously I'm always impressed by technically perfect voices. But I also like voices that are nuanced and animalistic and very different, where you can hear it and know after five seconds exactly who it is. Björk is one of those people, and Hyperballad is one of my favourites songs of hers. I think her singing is so primal."

Jeff Buckley

"Another favourite of mine, kind of in the same vein, is Jeff Buckley. That whole album, Grace, is a treasure, but I really like his cover of Nina Simone's 'Lilac Wine'. It's an unbelievable interpretation and the perfect song to listen to while you're having a glass of wine."

Mel Tormé

"I grew up listening to Mel Tormé. My parents listened to jazz music, and to me he's always been The Velvet Fog - he had this smoothness when everyone else was doing a lot of whisky and cigarettes-type singing. He had this smooth, dark baritone that was very close to the kind of singing that I was doing when I started. 'The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)' always puts me in a great mood."

Placido Domingo

"Somebody that I've idolised since I was a kid, and who I finally got the opportunity to sing with, is Placido Domingo. My parents took me to see The Three Tenors when I was very young, and he's someone who had a lower, warmer style to his voice which I always wanted to have myself. He's best known for 'Granada', a Spanish song, which is beautiful."

Ella Fitzgerald

"Ella Fitzgerald was so versatile. She could scat so well. I've always been amazed by people who could improvise with their voices, and I love her interpretation of 'My Little Yellow Basket'. I think it's funny and whimsical, and she does a great scat."