Hayley Westenra: "I don't want to send the audience to sleep!"

12 July 2013, 16:04 | Updated: 19 January 2017, 16:24

When you've just released an album of lullabies, how do you keep the audience awake during your live performances? The soprano tells all to Classic FM's John Brunning.

She's just finished touring, and what with performing at Classic FM Live in September and releasing a new album, Hayley Westenra's got her work cut out in 2013. What's more, this album is dedicated to the royal baby and new parents everywhere, so there's understandably a flurry of interest around the music as the world prepares for the new Prince or Princess of Cambridge to arrive.

Hayley explained how she came up with the idea for this intimate album, and why she was initially a little wary of the theme: "I didn't want to make an album just for babies, I wanted it to have a bit more to it," she said. "Hopefully people of all ages will enjoy it!"

Chatting with John Brunning, she shared the glamourous life of a professional singer, and explained just how she created the unique feel on the album.