Craig Ogden's interesting experiment

Craig Ogden teams up with countertenor David Daniels on a compilation that mixes Renaissance lute songs with 20th-century ballads

Title: A Quiet Thing Songs for voice and guitar
Composer: Various
Repertoire: Songs for voice and guitar
Artists: Craig Ogden (guitar), David Daniels (countertenor)
Rating:  3/5
Genre: Instrumental/Vocal
Label: Virgin Classics 545 6012

Renaissance lute songs, 19th-century bel canto, and smoky 20th-century ballads (the title track was  written for Liza Minnelli)… it’s an odd mix, but David Daniels just about pulls it off by the sheer beauty of his sound. Stylistically it’s another matter. The early music is great and Ogden’s accompanying is a marvel of detail and sensitivity, but the 20th-century numbers sound too precious to be completely convincing.