Charlie Siem: Under the stars

The bright young British violinist captures the spirit of the golden age of the virtuoso with this selection of romantic and sentimental pieces. John Suchet's Album of the Week, 22 September 2014.

For his latest album, Charlie Siem has collected together the works which, he says, inspired him to pursue the violin. "I grew up listening to this repertoire and in many ways this collection is a tribute to those wonderful artists who inspired me from such a long time ago," he says. 

"These pieces allow a certain freedom to be expressive with sound, shiftings and vibrato that made players like Kreisler, Hubay or Joachim so unique."

This album came in at No.16 in Classic FM's Album of the Year 2014. See the full chart here > 

Siem has also provided a bonus track in the form of Canopy, the first piece he has ever written for string orchestra. 

"I think that this is an album that everyone can enjoy listening to," he says. "You've got to play stuff you believe in...You can give all your integrity to the music and I can with this music. And that's why I chose to do it. And I think that message you give to the music is what will speak to people."

Siem has tried to capture the charm and individuality so characteristic of the old recordings he admires and it's certainly a very attractive selection of favourites, performed with the violinist's trademark grace and intimacy.