AyseDeniz Gokcin in our Wednesday Web Chat

Pink Floyd and Liszt? Classical piano meets... Michael Jackson? Pianist AyseDeniz Gokcin is joining us for our Wednesday Web Chat from 9am on 10 April - get your questions in!

Liszt's virtuosic piano music and prog rock don't exactly come hand-in-hand for many music lovers. But for pianist AyseDeniz Gokcin, who sent ripples through the classical world when her 'Lisztified' arrangements of Pink Floyd's music were picked up by the band themselves, taking inspiration from these two dramatically different styles has resulted in some wildly impressive new music. Her latest offering sees her re-interpreting Michael Jackson's Billie Jean - and it's quite different from her Pink Floyd arrangements.

But how does she choose which songs to 'Lisztify'? How did she develop such diverse taste in music? What does her piano teacher make of her unique performances?

Post your questions in the Facebook comments below, and AyseDeniz will be here to answer them from 9am on Wednesday.

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