Andreas Scholl releases Purcell album

Remarkably, although Purcell has always been a great favourite of the German countertenor Andreas Scholl, he has only now recorded the great English composer’s music.

The album O Solitude has been produced with his musical partners Accademia Bizantina and is being released on the Decca label on Monday.
"I sang Purcell as a student and listened to the music before I started my studies but I didn't know it was early music. I always liked the music and I thought now is the time to record him."

Andreas Scholl has had a long association with Accademia Bizantina - with whom he's planning a Purcell tour of Europe.
"It's no doubt he's (Purcell) one of the greatest composers of all time. But still there is an easy access to everyone, real melodies and tunes. After recording this music every day we would go back to our hotel and there was always a tune that stuck in our minds."

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