Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen becomes Children & the Arts ambassador

25 October 2012, 17:07 | Updated: 25 October 2012, 17:12

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen speaks passionately about his new role as ambassador "Children & the Arts is the only charity I know that reaches out and leads children on a unique journey into the arts that will inspire, thrill and transform their lives, and I am in no doubt will sow the seeds of lifelong passions."

Alongside presenting on Classic FM on Sunday mornings, Laurence's background as a hugely successful interior designer, accomplished author on decorative design and fine art graduate means he strongly believes in the power of the arts.

"I now know just how lucky I was as a child; the happy home I grew up in was full of books on art, architecture and design and my parents loved music. But for so many children, access to the exciting energising stimulating world of the arts is limited or restricted by their circumstances."

"Without an ability to see, hear and experience the arts there's a whole world of culture that remains unchartered and rather scary dark territory. Which is why we are so lucky that Children & the Arts  is here to nurture a child's interest in the visual and musical world around them and turn it into a lifelong bond of creative exploration and enjoyment."

Children & the Arts is the only UK-wide charity that transforms children's lives through participation in the arts and the Charity uses the arts to tackle educational disadvantage by helping to build a child's self-confidence and self-esteem, creativity and teamwork.

As one of Laurence's first role as ambassador he's recorded a special message to promote Arts & Kids Week which runs across the UK from 27th October - 4th November.