Eversheds' Stephen Sorrell on the Arts & Business Awards

14 May 2013, 13:04

Classic FM's Jamie Crick speaks to the host of this year's Arts and Business Awards judging day, Stephen Sorrell, about the important partnership between the two sectors.

Arts organisations, educational establishments, and business organisations are up for awards in this year's Arts and Business Awards, celebrating the finest collaborations between the commercial and cultural sectors. Classic FM's Jamie Crick spoke Stephen Sorrell from international law firm Eversheds, to discover the reasons why the Awards continue to be relevant and exciting.

Stephen shared his thoughts on why partnerships between business organisations and the creative arts should continue to be fostered, especially in the current economic climate. "We're a vibrant and mixed culture where creativity is at the core of our human activity and art and culture to me is the glue of a civilised society," he said. "The sign of a healthy society is the ability of its people to express themselves and work with others, and I see arts and culture with business as that expression."

Listen to the interview with Stephen Sorrell below

The awards will be announced at a ceremony this evening. You can see a full list of the nominees here.