The Association of British Orchestras

Live the Experience

‘Live the Experience' is a significant new report produced by the ABO that enables us to see the access for schoolchildren to a live concert experience. The report, tells us not only how many children currently go to concerts, but also the rate of progress orchestras are making in reaching more children each year.

The ABO's report shows that the number of youngsters experiencing live concerts during their time at school has increased by almost half, from 55,000 to over 300,000 this year alone - up almost 20% on last year. The increase means that almost half (48.9%) of all schoolchildren will now experience a live orchestral performance.

Timothy Walker AM, Chair of the ABO, said
"Providing access to concerts for young people is central to what orchestras do and it is our ambition that every child should have this opportunity at some time during their school life."

Culture Secretary, Ben Bradshaw, welcomed the report saying,
"It is fantastic that more young people are attending concerts and having the opportunity to listen to live music.

Music has the power to change lives, but is also important in its own right for its ability to enrich and provide fun. It is hugely important that our best orchestras continue to play their part in introducing children to music."

Based on the belief that hearing a live orchestral performance can excite, inspire and encourage children and young people to develop a lifelong love of music and music making. The ABO's 10-year ambition is to offer the opportunity for every child to hear a live orchestral performance by 2017, helping to boost the children's' learning ability, creativity and interest in the arts.

The full ABO's report, Live the Experience, is available from the ABO website here.