Katherine Jenkins wishes Classic FM Happy 20th Birthday

Katherine Jenkins has wished Classic FM a Happy 20th Birthday via a video message from Beijing.

The Welsh soprano Katherine Jenkins has sent a birthday message to Classic FM to wish a Happy 20th Birthday and to thank the station for its support throughout her career. Speaking backstage at a concert in Beijing, she also passed on the best wishes of pianist Lang Lang.

"You've been so amazing and so important in my career," she commented, before adding, "I feel the need to raise a very large glass of wine to you!" Jenkins said that she would be celebrating in spirit, despite not being able to be there to celebrate in person.

Speaking about how the station has helped her music get discovered by new audiences, Jenkins said: "People come up to me so often and say they first heard me on your radio station, so thank you for that."

After her concert in Beijing with Lang Lang, Jenkins is due to sing the National Anthem at Wembley Stadium for a forthcoming American football match. Classic FM's 20th Birthday is this Friday.