Steel Strum perform Tubular Bells on steel pan at the Schools Prom

12 November 2014, 15:34

Steel Strum performing Tubular Bells at the MFY Schools Prom


The Exorcist has never sounded more tropical. Steel Strum played a cover of the horror movie's theme tune Tubular Bells for Classic FM backstage at the Schools Prom. Enjoy!

Alex (on steel pan) and Simon (guitar) started their partnership carol singing when they were just 13 years old. It was "rather bad", Alex admits when interviewed by Classic FM's Tim Lihoreau in the video below. 

Eight years later, the pair are playing full-time and preparing for a performance at the Royal Albert Hall in Music For Youth's Schools Prom. 

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So just what is the Stratocaster guitar of the steel pan world? Alex has one. It's a top-of-the-range chrome steel pan made in Trinidad.  

The steel pan-guitar combo is odd, and they always get a reaction from people they meet. Simon explains that they'll be setting up to busk on the high street and "people from the phone shop will come out and say 'what's all this?'" By the time they've played a number, the phone salesmen will be dancing in the shop!

Steel Strum at the MFY Schools Prom


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