London Philharmonic Orchestra to soothe Heathrow's nervous fliers

Nervous passengers will be soothed by the sounds of the London Philharmonic Orchestra at Heathrow Airport throughout 2013.

London Philharmonic playing at Heathrow airport

Musicians from the London Philharmonic Orchestra will serenade passengers flying from Heathrow Airport throughout 2013. The performances will not only entertain those passing through the terminals, but will act as a tool to promote relaxation.

New research from Heathrow reveals that although 48% of passengers listen to music to help them relax, only 8% of passengers remember to bring music to help them unwind before flying.

Ensembles from within the orchestra, including a group made up of 20 players, will perform at the airport for key celebration dates throughout the year. Pianos have also been placed around the terminals, enabling passers by to play music of their choice in a relaxed and open setting.

This is not the first time the orchestra has serenaded passengers at Heathrow. The LPO provided a musical welcome for tourists visiting London for the 2012 Olympic Games.

LPO raise spirits at Heathrow


London Philharmonic Orchestra Pic London Philharmonic Orchestra Week

1-5 December, 8pm. All this week, the Classic FM Full Works Concert celebrates the London Philharmonic Orchestra, founded in 1932 by Sir Thomas Beecham.