It’s a performance of Beethoven, but in a car park

26 May 2017, 10:17

Beethoven's Seventh Symphony – in a car park

The Multi Story Orchestra performing in an… unusual space


The Multi-Story Orchestra has made a name for itself by performing in unusual venues and reaching completely new audiences. As its name suggests, many of the orchestra’s performances take place in multi-storey carparks…

The Multi-Story Orchestra announced its arrival on to the music scene in 2011 with a performance of great classical works… in a car park.

And ever since, they’ve been performing in unusual venues around the country, attracting new audiences and taking classical music into schools.

The vide above shows the group performing in a car park in Peckham.

At this year’s Aldeburgh Festival the orchestra will be performing in Ipswich’s NCP multi-storey car park twice on 24 June (at 2pm and 4pm) and will be joined by local school children in the earlier concert.

Christopher Stark will conduct music by Handel, Mozart and the co-founder of the orchestra – Kate Whitley.

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