Gnomeo, Juliet and Classic FM

We talk to Elton John, Matt Lucas and the star-studded cast of the animated movie.

Based on Shakespeare’s classic love story, Gnomeo and Juliet is the tale of two love-struck garden gnomes kept apart by the antics of feuding neighbours.
The animated film boasts a stellar cast. The role of Gnomeo is voiced by heartthrob James McAvoy, with Emily Blunt providing Juliet’s voice. They are joined by Ashley Jensen, best known for her appearances in Ugly Betty and Extras, and comedian of the moment Matt Lucas. With the music of Sir Elton John liberally sprinkled throughout the film, how could the they go wrong?
As we dig behind the scenes, however, we find out that the film almost didn’t happen at all.

Listen to the interview with the stars of Gnomeo and Juliet