Case Notes: a new true crime podcast from Classic FM

6 March 2018, 14:01

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Case Notes is a true crime podcast like no other. Presenter Tim Lihoreau delves into the darkest mysteries and murkiest stories from the history of music. Did you know Haydn’s head was taken from his grave by one of his best friends? Or that one composer was so obsessed with black magic his friends feared for his life?


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Music history is packed with stories of gruesome crimes, murky mysteries and dark deeds. In Case Notes, a FREE new podcast from Classic FM, we delve into the archive, interview experts and uncover evidence about just some of these jaw-dropping stories.

Presented by Tim Lihoreau, our six-part series will be launching on 8 March with an episode about the gruesome story of Haydn's missing head… In the meantime, listen to the trailer below.

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