These whales responded to a cello being played, and it's incredibly beautiful

What could make music even more beautiful? These majestic giants of the sea. Here are three times whales and classical music met in beautiful harmony.

Cellist plays to whales

The cellist and an audience of beluga whales

These intrepid musicians had a whale of a time when they gave a performance at sea and the marine mammals responded to the sound and vibrations produced by the cello. Beluga whales have very specialised sense of hearing and a highly developed auditory cortex (and clearly good taste). Music and the natural world coming together - it's a beautiful thing. 


We were treated to an open air cello concert aboard the Beluga Boat. Do you see the mom and calf whales grooving to the tunes?

Posted by on Tuesday, 11 August 2015

An orchestra serenades a humpback

In this astounding video (an ad for an Australian telecommunications firm, but stay with us) a group of orchestral musicians are set adrift on a raft in the middle of the ocean. More used to playing on dry land – and indeed playing to humans – the musicians set themselves the seemingly impossible task of communicating with humpback whales by imitating their song. How do they get on? Have a look…

Whales, with orchestra

...And God Created Great Whales is an evocative symphonic poem by American 20th century composer Alan Hovhaness. It features a full orchestra playing alongside recorded whale sounds. Expect asynchronous aleatoricism and gentle portamenti of the giants of the sea.

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