Four flautists in different countries recorded this incredible performance across the internet

24 November 2016, 10:57

four flutes acapellapp

By Amy MacKenzie

Four flutes. Four countries. One marvellous performance of Bizet.

They may be approximately 2000 kilometres apart, but thankfully music has no such boundaries or borders. Thanks to the powers of the internet, Facebook, Instagram and the AcapellaApp, four talented strangers from Germany, Norway, Denmark and Bosnia and Herzegovina have been able to come together and create their very own “music community”. 

Performing a delightful arrangement of Georges Bizet’s Prelude to Carmen, the flute quartet made up of Ariana, Eirik, Ágnes-Klára and Karen already has over 377,000 views on their heart-warming Facebook post:

four flutes acapellapp

Check out their video here:

Four flute players perform music from Carmen

Bizet's music as you've never seen it before. Performers: Ariana Piknjač, Eirik Hoel Sandvik, Ágnes-Klára Klarissima and Sándor Karen Marie Sørensen


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