Someone is colourising classic photos of great composers and the result is stunning

20 July 2017, 16:42

colourised composers

By Lizzie Davis

There are no colour photos of Prokofiev or Ravel, but one reddit user has decided that needs to change.

Redditor Creedelback has been posting colouried images of the great composers for the last few days on Reddit. 

First up, the great Russian composer Sergei Prokofiev, who died in 1953

Took a stab at colorizing a picture of Prokofiev walking around my town (Chicago) some time in 1919. from classicalmusic

Next he turned his attention to Ravel, the French composer most famous for his Boléro

Today's colorized composer: Maurice Ravel from classicalmusic

Clara Schumann was one of the greatest concert pianists of her time and also married to fellow composer Robert Schumann. 

Here she is pictured **in colour**

Today's colorized composer is Clara Schumann (I can see why Brahms was so obsessed with her... rowr) from classicalmusic

Most recently in the series, Creedelback has shared his colourised take on the great Finnish composer, Jean Sibelius

Today's colorized composer is one for the ladies: A young, hipster-y Jean Sibelius before he went full Uncle Fester. from classicalmusic

Head to the classical music reddit to find out more.

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