Tavener's veiled beauty

Stephen Layton’s inspired conducting leds a beautiful performance of John Tavener's hymn to universal spiritual, The Veil of the Temple

Composer:  John Tavener
Repertoire: The Veil of the Temple
Artists: Patricia Rozario (soprano); Choir of Temple Church; Holst Singers/Layton
Rating:  5/5 
Genre: Vocal
Label: RCA 82876 66154 2

In its all-night form, The Veil of the Temple’s message of reconciliation of faiths and universal spiritual values registered powerfully. Thanks to its truncated ‘concert version’, it has gone on to speak far beyond the precincts of London’s Temple Church. This recording preserves the intensity of expression and coruscating beauty of singing inspired by Tavener’s music and Stephen Layton’s inspired conducting. 


John Tavener Composer John Tavener

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