Michael Giacchino: Star Trek soundtrack

A classic sci-fi series is re-born, but what does Michael Giacchino do with the legacy of Star Trek music?

With all the hype, excitement and relief that surrounded the release of JJ Abrams' acclaimed re-boot of the Star Trek franchise, perhaps one of the least talked-about aspects was Michael Giacchino's score. But now that it's had a few years to bed itself into the sci-fi consciousness (and indeed been followed by a sequel), those energetic action sequences and that lithe, heroic main French horn theme have become part of the lexicon, surely to be considered alongside the likes of John Williams in the future.

What Giacchino does so well is interact with the actual narrative of the film. He and director JJ Abrams have worked together closely for a number of years and on various projects, and that dynamic has really paid off - there are countless moments of emotional resonance and heroic endeavour that just wouldn't be so accurately judged if there wasn't this mysterious bond between composer and director.

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