Brothers featured on the famous composer's 2013 album 'In a Time Lapse'

Cabin in a wood

The piece begins with Einaudi’s inimitable piano style – a yearning melody with gently insistent accompaniment. But it soon becomes something much more insistent, and upbeat with the entry of strings. Brothers also makes use of tape and electronic loops.

In a Time Lapse was inspired by Einaudi’s reading of Henry David Thoreau’s ground-breaking book Walden in which the author moves to a remote hut in the American countryside and documents his life in the midst of nature. Einaudi said: “In Walden , Thoreau describes the sounds he hears in the woods, in his cabin, in great detail. Those sounds, and the different impression of time he expresses, stuck with me, as I travelled and performed and began to compose new pieces.”


Ludovico Einaudi Ludovico Einaudi

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