This is the most beautiful musical depiction of the sea ever written

21 June 2016, 17:30

Grand, peaceful and mysterious, this is an orchestral epic to transport you.

Debussy wasn't lucky enough to be able to sit back and enjoy the relaxation of a cruise. In fact most of his feelings for the sea were inspired by literature and paintings. His masterpiece La Mer paints a beautiful image of sea and movement of the elements, all in the composer's rich, nuanced and impressionistic musical language.

The orchestral epic is in three movements – ‘From dawn to midday’, ‘Play of the Waves’ and ‘Dialogue of the wind and the sea’. It is unique in that it simply conveys the sea as a natural entity, rather than depicting any human relationship with it. There are no ships, swimmers, fishermen or lighthouses in this ocean - everything is just on its own, giving a sense of otherworldliness.  

Combining unusual orchestration with daring impressionistic harmonies, La Mer has had a profound effect on music ever since, especially film scores. The music speaks of the serenity, grandeur and mystery - and we think perfect for your iPod as you stand on the deck on a Viking Cruise, marveling at the surroundings.  

Take a listen and let Debussy transport you:

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