The Landscape

Explore the piano work inspired by costume dramas and the British countryside

Taking the open fields and chocolate-box villages of the British countryside as her starting point, Bennett weaves an attractive musical tapestry.

The Landscape is the opening movement of 'A Country Suite', all of which is inextricably linked to her life in the countryside. What's more, she's a massive fan of period drama – so there's an inevitable air of John Lunn's Downton Abbey music about much of the suite.

But if you're able to look past the influences, there's a wealth of nagging melody to discover here – lilting, circulating tunes that Einaudi would be satisfied with, delicate accompaniments and evocative musical pictures all jostle for attention.

Bennett trained at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London and has worked as a singer and pianist around the world. In 2006 her son Zachary was diagnosed with autism, and Bennett put her musical career on hold to focus on supporting him through school.

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