Miloš played Cardoso's haunting Milonga just for us, and we never wanted it to end

1 August 2015, 20:25

Milos plays Milonga by Cardosa

Watch the brilliant guitarist in an intimate backstage performance


When Milos offered to play something specially for us ahead of his sold-out concert at the Bristol Proms, we were expecting something pretty great. But this performance was just next-level amazing.

Milos is now one of the most recognisable stars in the classical world – so it was no surprise that his concert at Bristol Old Vic for the Bristol Proms was completely sold-out (with people queuing for returns).

We managed to catch a few minutes with him in a completely empty auditorium – and he just took up his guitar and played one of the great guitar works: Milonga by Argentine composer Jorge Cardoso.

And we never wanted it to end.

He spoke to Jane Jones about how he'd put his evening programme together – 'From Bach to The Beatles' – and why he's excited to see the guitar having a renaissance at the moment.

Milos talks to Jane Jones

The brilliant guitarist tells us about his exciting programme for the Bristol Proms


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