Marin Alsop’s Classic FM Conducting Masterclass: how to conduct Beethoven’s Symphony No. 7

The world-renowned conductor continues her exclusive series of video masterclasses – in this instalment Marin guides us through Beethoven's Symphony No.7 and Brahms' Symphony No.3. Batons at the ready!

Marin Alsop conducting masterclass

Beethoven and Brahms

Marin Alsop is one of the world's top conductors – so she's conducted the great symphonies by these two conductors countless times. In this exclusive video she takes us through how to conduct Beethoven's Symphony No.7 and Brahms' epic Third Symphony. Ready…?


Marin Alsop's Beethoven and Brahms masterclass

Marin guides you through to symphonic giants



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Subdivision. What's that?

First things first, what is this subdivision of which Marin speaks? Turns out, it's when the music is going so slowly that the conductor has to divide the beat up. And here she is to talk you through it…


Marin Alsop masterclass: Subdivisions

Marin Alsop tackles subdivisions in conducting


Tricky corners

In this episode Marin tackles complex meter changes (looking at you, Stravinsky) and how conductors tackle music which switches between different meters. RITE OF SPRING KLAXON.


Marin Alsop masterclass: complex changes

How do you navigate those tricky changes?


Finding your inner pulse

Tempo is the most important aspect of being a conductor, Marin explains in this video – but how do you decide the tempo of the piece? And how do you make sure that tempo is solid while you conduct?

Here's Marin to answer all your questions:


Marin Alsop masterclass: inner pulse

Marin continues her exclusive series of video masterclasses



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Next week, Marin tackles the thorny issue of female conductors…

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