Marin Alsop’s Classic FM Conducting Masterclass: the big finish and motivating musicians

Our next instalment of video masterclasses sees Marin tackling the tricky issue of upbeats, big finishes, and motivating your musicians.

Marin Alsop masterclass - big finish

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For the orchestra the concert really begins on the upbeat. The upbeat has all the information about the tempo, about the quality, the emotion, the articulation, and the dynamic.


Marin Alsop's conducting masterclass: Upbeats

The most important beat of the whole concert


Big finish

How do you stop an orchestra from playing? The ending is the most important part of the piece. How do you save something for the last note?


Marin Alsop's conducting masterclass: Big finish

How can you make the last notes the most exciting?




How do you connect with the musicians on an emotional level to inspire them to express what the composer wants? How you walk out on the stage can determine how the first note will sound.


Marin Alsop's conducting masterclass: Motivating musicians

The conductor's entrance shows who's in charge


Marin Alsop

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