London Philharmonic Orchestra star in Wimbledon advert

26 June 2014, 15:12

"There is more great music to come because the symphony is always unfinished at Wimbledon," says Kate Winslet in new advert featuring the London Philharmonic Orchestra.

Musicians from the London Philharmonic Orchestra are the stars of a new Wimbledon advert for sports network ESPN. The 2 minute advert draws parallels between classical performance and tennis in a poem, voiced by Kate Winslet.

The LPO accompany footage of tennis highlights from last year's tournament, as Winslet reads the text: "Ah yes, here we are, at home, in the capable hands of masters," she says, "whose control and technique transport us with their flourishes, and gentle touches so sweet."

Players were let loose on Centre Court with their instruments to film the advert on 20 June. They even took the trouble of transporting a set of timpani and a harp to the iconic sporting venue - stationing them just inches away from the famous grass court.

The performers, dressed in white tie concert dress, posed for a photo with tennis star Rafael Nadal, who swapped his racquet for a slightly more classical prop.


 Video courtesy of ESPN

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