Jonas Kaufmann’s An Evening with Puccini is at a cinema near you now. Here's a preview.

11 February 2016, 10:02

Jonas Kaufmann's film An Evening with Puccini is on worldwide cinema release. Expect OTT storylines, orchestration so lush you could could swim in it – and those trademark top notes…

Meet Jonas – a man of snappy suits, flowing curls, impeccable stubble, and a dark, chocolaty stare to make Turandot swoon.

If it's lovely and lyrical, the German tenor can belt it out in considerable style. From Schubert to showtunes. And of course glorious Puccini verismo arias.

And there's this one aria. You know the one. And you know the majesty of that climax.


Without further ado…

Here's the trailer for the feature-length Jonas-fest now showing at a cinema near you:


TFW you completely know you've nailed it:

Oh Jonas ... we're in little pieces.

And another picture.

Because, Jonas Kaufmann.


Jonas Kaufmann: An Evening with Puccini is in cinemas worldwide – for more information visit the website.

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