Classic FM Arts Daily Podcast - 04 August 2010

Bob Jones' pioneering podcast series dedicates time to the artists and organisations that make the classical world turn - this week he talks to Harry Christophers.

An Interview with The Sixteen

We track down Harry Christophers and members of the Sixteen, the voices of Classic FM, for the second part of their choral pilgrimage, from Otford to Canterbury Cathedral and the end of the journey. On the way, they meet many friends, sample hostelries, come face to face with a bull, and a man dressed up as The Wife of Bath.


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Harry Christophers

Harry Christophers Conductor Harry Christophers

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Harry Christophers and The Sixteen Watch The Sixteen embark on Choral Pilgrimage 2015

For their annual tour of the UK's cathedrals, the 'Voices of Classic FM' are this year taking a trip back to 16th- century Seville, where arts and culture flourished, and the composers Guerrero and Lobo made their mark