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Tim Lihoreau

Every weekday morning, Tim Lihoreau offers an oasis of calm to provide you with the perfect start to your day. Click below to find out more about what's on the show this week.

Join Tim Lihoreau every weekday from 6 to 9am for the best mix of music to start the day. Among the features are:

0630 The Early Toast For someone who's up early.

Before 7 The Great Composer Music by this week’s featured composer and a  fact.

0730 The Breakfast Serial Can you think of something that provides a link to today’s piece?

0815 The School Run  Make a dedication.

0840 Life Begins at 8.40 Get-up-and-go music.

This week's highlights:


It's More Mozart Monday – so, a piece by the great composer every hour. And there’s also a new addition to the show called Did You Knowvember? What's that all about?


Today Tim has music from the Mariinsky Orchestra and a classic film score from Maurice Jarre. 


Music to put a fire under you today and get your Guy Fawkes celebrations going in style. There's also the chance to try your hand at the Wednesday Word of the Day, if you dare. 


It’s Sax Day today – celebrating 200 years since the birth of Adolphe Sax. Plus Bach needs a ‘get out of jail’ card.


It's World V Day today. Tune in to find out what the V stands for. And Tim’s Did you Knowvember? music is by Rachmaninov.

More Music Breakfast features

Freedom Classic FM Tim The Freedom of Classic FM

Every Friday on the More Music Breakfast, Sousa's Liberty Bell celebrates someone who's saying goodbye to the world of work.

Tim Lihoreau A Minute with Tim Lihoreau

More Music Breakfast presenter Tim Lihoreau joined Classic FM in 1994 and first appeared on air in 2003. He began presenting the weekday breakfast show in May 2012.

School Run Art 1 The School Run

Why not have a dedication on Classic FM's More Music Breakfast?

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