The More Music Breakfast

Weekdays, 6-9am

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Every weekday morning, Tim Lihoreau offers an oasis of calm to provide you with the perfect start to your day. 

Click below to find out more about what's on the show this week. 

Join Tim Lihoreau every weekday from 6 to 9am for the best mix of music to start the day. Among the features are:

0630 The Early Toast For someone who's up early.

0730 The Breakfast Serial Can you think of something that provides a link to today’s piece?

0815 The School Run  If you’d like a mention for your little ones (or maybe for their teacher), do get in touch with Tim. Then, listen at 8.15 every morning this week.

0840 Life Begins at 8.40 Get-up-and-go music. 

This week's highlights


Despite being labeled the ‘Himalayas for violinists’, there’s a Bach Partita providing a sunshiny start to the morning on today’s show. There’s also music to mark a big day for Daniel Barenboim, and some fabulous fun movie music on the School Run at 8.10.  


It’s a case of ‘dress optional’ on the show this morning as we find music to wish the Naked Chef a happy birthday. It’s also a big day for Grieg fans and there’ll be sunshine music all the way, too. 


Sunshine music abounds in the More Music Breakfast – so wake up and smell the Roses from the South. There's a dedication if you’re up early before 7 on the Early Toast and exam sitters get priority on the School Run at 8.10. 


Our Friday Five a Day (five pieces, one link) are all about peace today, on the International Day of Peacemakers. And, as ever, we kick start the weekend and hand out the Freedom of Classic FM just before 8.