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Tim Lihoreau

Every weekday morning, Tim Lihoreau offers an oasis of calm to provide you with the perfect start to your day. Click below to find out more about what's on the show this week.

Join Tim Lihoreau every weekday from 6 to 9am for the best mix of music to start the day. Among the features are:

0630 The Early Toast For someone who's up early.

Before 7 The Great Composer Music by this week’s featured composer and a  fact.

0730 The Breakfast Serial Can you think of something that provides a link to today’s piece?

0815 The School Run  Make a dedication.

0840 Life Begins at 8.40 Get-up-and-go music.

This week's highlights

If you're buying, selling or moving house, Tim has a special piece by Dvorak that might resonate. There's also suitable music for Prince Harry on his 30th.

Join Tim for music from Hamlet, ahead of the premiere of a unique version of the play tonight – with Maxine Peak in the lead.

This morning, suitable music for a Best of British Legend, alongside all the usual favourites including the School Run, the Early Toast, and this week's Great Composer, Bizet.

There's music from birthday boy Simon Trpceski as well as music from you – possibly – if you have a go at the Breakfast Serial, and suggest a piece of music to keep the connection going.

The weekend may start with clang of the Liberty Bell just before 8, as Tim awards somebody The Freedom of Classic FM. Or maybe, Life Begins at 8.40 with something to set you up for the day.

More Music Breakfast features

Freedom Classic FM Tim The Freedom of Classic FM

Every Friday on the More Music Breakfast, Sousa's Liberty Bell celebrates someone who's saying goodbye to the world of work.

Tim Lihoreau A Minute with Tim Lihoreau

More Music Breakfast presenter Tim Lihoreau joined Classic FM in 1994 and first appeared on air in 2003. He began presenting the weekday breakfast show in May 2012.

School Run Art 1 The School Run

Why not have a dedication from Tim Lihoreau on Classic FM's More Music Breakfast?

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